Telemedicine Available Now!

Treatment Approach

Compassionate, personalized care that is informed by the most current scientific research to insure that your problems are thoroughly understood and managed using the most effective treatments available.

Integrated treatment plans utilizing medication and psychotherapy based approaches to target mood and behavioral issues.


A 100-minute session spanning two visits involving diagnostic assessment and initial treatment planning. The time includes review of previous records and collection of collateral information.


A 20-minute follow up session focused primarily on medication based treatment.

Management and

A 50-minute session involving a combination of psychotherapy and medication based treatment.


Renaissance Behavioral Medicine

Renaissance Behavioral Medicine provides psychotherapy and medication management services for children, teens and adults for Various mental health conditions including but not limited to major depressive disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, substance addiction and all anxiety disorders. Services are provided in person in California ( Northern) and via telemedicine and all other areas.

Medical Conditions

Treatment is provided for the following conditions:

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Generalized Anxiety
Drug and Alcohol Addiction

We Serve the Following Regions

  • +1 213-262-0888

    Renaissance Behavioral Medicine -
    Los Angeles CA

  • +1 510-399-4442

    Renaissance Behavioral Medicine -
    Oakland CA

  • +1 650-206-8932

    Renaissance Behavioral Medicine -
    San Mateo CA

  • +1 689-218-0600

    Renaissance Behavioral Medicine -
    Orlando FL

  • +1 872-245-4445

    Renaissance Behavioral Medicine -
    Chicago IL

  • +1 904-600-5955

    Renaissance Behavioral Medicine -
    Jacksonville FL

  • +1 954-546-9888

    Renaissance Behavioral Medicine -
    Fort Lauderdale FL

In-person services are offered only in Northern and Southern CA.

Telemedicine Service is now offered in California, Florida, and Illinois